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the other tourism

Leave a small empty gap in your traveling bag, when you are going on a trip. Just as a symbolic reminder that when on vacation, make a little space for unplanned coincidence.

At a moment of boredom loiter around to where you had never planned.

Walk in an unknown allay and you might find a small shop where you have an unforgettable chat with the storekeeper.

Walk along, you might notice an opening under a stone arch, where a small family run restaurant can offer you an ‘un-touristic’ meal, the like of which you will find no where else.

It won’t be only the food, but the conversation, and the homemade cookies or drink.

And maybe a little souvenir that you are given, or you buy for few pennies.

And nearby, in an old bookstore you will find a worn out book that you will keep and cherish forever. The empty space in your bag are for things, you never had in mind.

A small walk to where your good mood, and relaxed instinct takes you, might make your trip more worthwhile than the ‘must locations’ that everybody has warned you not to miss.

Actually it might just make your trip, altogether.


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