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Writing a line…or two

Line sketches, are the springs of my Beirut exhibition. Old and new, were brought in, so to speak, and reproduced through various media, as if to revive the intrinsic value of the line sketch. All drawing for me is a line drawing. In oils, or water colors, in type design or word art, in the beginning is a line- actually an outline that defines the form, gives it shape and actually brings it to life.In preparing for the exhibition, sketches even from the early years, were turned into relief linoleum prints. Others into screen prints in line and color. Some were hand colored after prints were made.Screen prints of simple lines reproduced new iPad sketches on both paper and canvas. Here the digital was pulled back into the tangible, so to speak and not the other way round.Line prints on canvas were developed into oil paintings, some were used to develop a sculptural piece the the bronze jar.All the birds (actually pigeons) appearing here, originally either photographs, or drawings, were taken from a single location during the early morning hours at the Beirut house balcony.

Though not many, are exhibited ( much more photographs were taken) but they represent a main theme of the new work, the soul of the event. Of course photos are not line drawings, but look at them: The
bird is only represented sitting on this long infinite wire, a line in its own right. As if a camera sketch.Last, a certain aspect characterizes the choices here, in the art pieces As much as the art works seen in the animated screen show of word art.

Some of the works that are here were originally no more than simple designs or drawings, done for articles or a branding task.But then their artistic value recognized. Like the screen print coffee or tea, or the sculpture JOU'(hunger) and others.Among the most recent is one I permitted myself to call a ‘squibble’, which I discovered does not exist in any English dictionary. But I retained the name, which later on I concluded must have been an unconscious attempt to differentiate from scribble. It is the chaotic bundle of continuous line which appears in few of the exhibited works. Maybe its the most extreme
representation of drawing a line.



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