kameel Hawa | Burning tune ( a tribute to Mohammad bu azizi)
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Burning tune ( a tribute to Mohammad bu azizi)

This work was especially done for the “save our souls” art exhibit. The idea of a tribute to AlBuazizi, however, was with me since many years. The story of his terrible death stands out as a great human cry, so unlike the many self annihilations that are occurring every day. Making the neck the fire exhaust, was inspired by a Phoenician relief sculpture of the Eritrean and the lion. As if his great cry and soul were bursting out directly from the neck, that was turned into a great torch of the wave of popular uprisings. The blazing flames, thick smoke and lighter fumes, all move upward and across, turning about themselves in a chaotic infinite circularity. Something spiritual is building up.The metal mask as if holds the head in place, and hides the painful expression. Yet the four black screws are reminiscent of Christ’s nails on the cross.

The written text, that I felt needed to be written though in the very unsuitable medium of oil color, tells the story in the most simple terms. Our hero was a simple man.

The rest of the body, however, made of geometric colored cardboard collage, sort of retains and holds the tragic moment in check, negating any destructive repercussions, and asserting  the beauty of the soul behind the tragedy. Actually the hot dark flames turn light and greenish on the periphery, hinting at the Arab Spring that followed. 

Kameel Hawa


19 February, 2016



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