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Few letters that say: poetry!

A new poetry festival of modernist trends, started in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia, organised by the local branch of the Society of Culture and Arts.

This festival in its first year, carried the name of avant-garde poet Mohammad Al-Ali, as a tribute to his leading role in spreading modern poetry. The festival is called “Beit Ashshiir”, which translated literary still has two distinct meanings, the house of poetry, and a (complete) line of verse!

When commissioned to design the logo, Kameel Hawa was asked to design one with just the simple letters of the term Shi’ir (poetry). This request seems to have put him on the right starting spot of honest simplicity.

Adding to it some passion, and the overcoming of the moment’s anxiety…this was the outcome!

It all started with a spontaneous line drawing of the logo with an ink pen on Mohtaraf paper. Then came the traumatic experience of developing the first original sketch into a more mature logo, even if left in its rough sketchy nature. With the help of experienced team, the logo was cleaned and was coupled with a very good choice of typeface. It all went so smoothly, and so well. Upon receiving it the society branch chief, wrote saying that the moment the logo arrived, we felt a new high mark was placed up there, and we must work hard to make the festival meet the new set standard.

During the opening ceremony a special thanks went to Kameel Hawa, and Mohtaraf design house. The logo was all over the place in every imaginable size and shape!







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