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Four in a row

Simple man, I am
I am a simple man,
That prefers pleasure, to leisure,
and leisure to luxury.


I see art in things
I see things in art.
It’s like I see in the end,
what I saw from the start.
Things appear to me once,
then reappear again.
It’s like my onlooking makes
the spring run, and the grey
cloud rain.


Even before

I can hear more music in the music,
More meaning in the words.
I can see more color in the color,
More rhyming in the verse!
I can count more birds on the tree,
More fish in the sea,
I can make the butterfly fly
further than the bird,
I can hum like a hummingbird
Like you’ve never heard!
I can do all those things
Even before my telephone rings !


Money..yes have some!

I don’t own money..none.
I just have some..
I don’t buy with money.
I just barter.
They give me money.
I hold it.
I give it.
And get something in return.
Money can be useful.
Have some.
Here..have some!



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