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Laundry on the line!

It’s no more usual in our urban life to see long lines of laundry in the Sun!  But it surely is a moving scene.
End of summer I spent few days in a known Lebanese mountain resort of Dhour Shwair. We stayed at a once niche hotel that has started regaining its stature near the well known pine forest of Bologna. From my balcony overlooking the back side of the hotel, with a quite a French ‘Provence’ scenery, I could see several configurations of intriguing pine trees, a variety of vegetations, and the hotel laundry. Long lines of white sheets in the bright sun.
One of the memorable smell-feeling of our childhood is that of hot-clean-soap-smelling-glowing bedsheets, still to be picked up from the house roof or balcony. Such a eye-nose-face skin-heart filling encounter. The scenery of the hotel automatically gave me the confidence that the hotel cares about cleanliness. I took few photos of the laundry from my room and even from a stroll down. Even a night shot that appeared to me quite graphic. And then few others of chimney wood and even two young men digging to plant something. The chimney wood is needed by the hotel  as in winter it accommodates ski lovers to the near by skiing spot of Zaarour, if I am not wrong. Have look.












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