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My wife got a Ph.D.

On the  morning of Saturday, November 21, 2016, at 8:30 am, we were at a rendezvous in the institute of Oriental Studies of the Saint Joseph University.  My wife Najah was at very last, and after a toil of nine years, sitting to defend her Ph.D. Thesis in front of a four member jury of distinguished professors. The subject of the thesis was one of the notable poems of Arab history, namely alAkhtal, and particularly his poetry of praise, as a poetic form. AlAkhtal, who belonged to Taghlib the known Christian tribe, became the poet of the Umayyad court. Najah in a 15 minute address presented her thesis, and this was followed by a two hour discussion, where each professor would, in turn, discuss his or her remarks on the thesis, and Najah will then verify, and explain her stand. When this was over, the committee, withdrew from the small hall for a closed short session of deliberation. On their return the committee coordinator read out the verdict: Najah was offered the Ph.D. Degree in distinction, receiving a grade of 17/20, usually considered the highest grade ever given to a thesis.
Well, in conclusion I am now the husband of a Ph.D holding wife 🙂



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