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Taste in time

It seems that in human history, artistic taste and aesthetic values
do not evolve or get finer with the passage of time.They mainly 
take different forms and shapes.
Artifacts made in old times and by various civilizations, are almost
always found to possess indisputable artistic and aesthetic
qualities, sometimes and to our surprise, unmatchable today. As if societies
old like new, and especially mature epochs of civilization, have a natural
inborn artistic talent, and a spontaneous inclination for balance, contrast,
harmony, and whatever it takes to create what is visually attractive
and inspirational !
In short we have no grounds to assume there is a primitive
savage art, and contemporary refined art. Actually some of
the things displayed in art shows today look more savage
than anything one can imagine. And so many of the items
we see from old days, are so perfect, that they become an
enigma, and raise in our minds questions on how is it that such
ancient civilizations with their limited experience and means
were able to produce such fine and sophisticated
work. Not less than advanced astronomical or mathematical
knowledge, they become a subject of wonder, taking the inquisitive

minds to the area of extra terrestrial influences.




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