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My Bouboulina Soap!

I am not a person known to manage my expenses, or act economically in

any manner. Yet one exception can be pointed out, namely creating a soap bundle

like this one (see photo), and naming it Bouboulina, after the memorable
and coquettish old lady in the movie Zorba the Greek.
So whenever in the bathroom, there are several flakes of
soap scattered in the various soap bins, I now always make it a point to
collect them and press them together to create a single piece big
enough to be usable. This habit probably started when I used
to suddenly be out of soap bars, and (especially due to the large size
of my palms) I needed to create a sizeable piece that can be adequately used.
With time this became an amusing practice, enjoying it like a kid that succeeds in
making a toy of pieces of scrubbed objects he collects from the street.
As for the naming, the various pieces of soap add one scent over
another, reminding me of how BouBoulina described the overlapping
of perfumes left on her by the admirals that passed by the island.
There is even a sustainability genius in Bouboulina soap, in that
sometimes as it starts to get smaller with use, you can add a new
flake and gain it a longer life.

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