kameel Hawa | The forgotten things around us
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The forgotten things around us

We have been conditioned by a sort of hyper awareness, to those
flickering products of the digital age, that continue to
embark on our lives with new changes, and apps!
But what about the other things?

The long list of things that, mainly out of habit, we keep using without
giving them any attention. Things that have witnessed little
change, not only in our lifetimes, but even through the many
ages before. Count on your fingers:
The soap bar, the cotton towel, the glass of water, the cup of tea,
the chair, the bedcover, the fork and knife, even the pencil and pen!

They are all there, as good and useful as ever. We use
them, and are used to them. Some become favorites,
and ‘love’ items, others just silent, handy and obedient
standers by. Put together they constitute a sort of a silent
majority of our existence.

If they haven’t changed much over the years, we can hardly
blame them. What would you change in glass of cold water on
a hot summer day? How would a different soup spoon look like?
How would you turn your white cotton morning towel, digital?
A comfortable chair, has the shape and measurements of a
comfortable chair. You can loiter around some detail, but the
main thing is what it is. When you decide to SIT DOWN, the chair
should just be that! And would any life be tolerable without
a comfortable chair?

Those are the simple things. They are the second oxygen source
for our lives. Take a deep breath, and recognize them, to enjoy them
even more.


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