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A Perfect logo!

So beautiful, so inspiring..so fit for an environmental

concern.. in Paris!
A perfect logo creation. It cannot be, except for what it is.
The first superb surprise is the white vein in the centre of the leaf, none but Tour Eiffel! And once more Tour eiffel proves immortal..
And its curvature moulds beautifully with the leaf!
The view is so tender and serene and telling. The concept becomes complete with the the sun-like white circle on the left hand upper corner.
It has created also a burn in the leaf.
The feeling derived is wholesome.
The concept arrived to with a simple beginning of looking at a green leaf. Then seeing the white vain.. It must have taken a minute to see, an hour to getting it done with.
I can’t say enough. Only that I am sure this logo was achieved with a single-logo version..no more!
And I love it!

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