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Have a seat !

What is it that keeps forcing upon me the idea that this is a perfect chair?

I have been meeting this chair regularly for the past 25 years or so in my favourite Riyadh hotel AlKhozama. By and large, it obviously belongs to the school of the prevailing furniture in the room, which is reasonably and more practical, quite austere, and maybe Art Deco. That of course , could partially explain the style of the chair, and equally my admiration of it. But today I felt that all this notwithstanding, I need to give a more fulfilling explanation, at least to myself.

(That’s why you can also it turned downwards on the floor because I want to take a perfect profile photo).

Then I thought, quite mundanely, that  only hope is to pretend I’m someone else who knows me, and answer as such: It is so perfectly elegant, balanced, comfortable, and for the latter very economically so.

i.e. it provides more comfort overall that the ‘size of its parts’!  The arms and back are quite thin. Nothing to sink in. Of course the seat has somewhat more meat. Additionally, I even consider the fact that it stands on four thin legs have to do with the good support it gives the body, and the legs continue upwards from behind to be one continuous piece with the back, and from the front they go up and curve backwards to constitute the beautifully sliding arms.
The back itself has two soft curves, one on the top, and the other in its vertical constitution. Well, I am no fabricator or furniture critic, but I love this chair. I don’t think I answered convincingly enough so, but just have a seat and you will get what I mean..




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