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One, one more time

It is such a moving experience, to present one logo design to a demanding client, and watch it getting approved. This is a new success in getting one single logo design presented and approved. The logo is for the fortieth anniversary emblem of the governmental institute in charge of the Kingdoms two vast industrial cities, Jubail and Yanbu. I will have it posted once it is officially announced.

In our design company (www.mohtaraf.com) I have been lobbying for a policy of developing a single logo for a branding job. No options. To my mind a designer by definition, is someone who comes out with mainly one single design, to address one concept, or one entity. With this focus and determination, I believe,he or she, will be better able to hit the mark. The designers best resources of imagination, analysis, and experience come into play. I did not succeed enough times, to make this a rule. But enough times to prove its wisdom.

Actually this approach need not apply only on logos, but other main design
tasks, such as an anniversary trophy, a custom designed calendar, or even
a type design. It simply means, that if design is an idea, then once you find
the good ‘penetrating’ idea, there you are. Actually when you do succeed
in coming up with THE design, you will have no stomach to do another.

In some cases the client will complain. Sometimes the client complains even
if we present several logos, and asks for more. But more than once we were able
to explain our ‘one option’ approach, and the client was responsive. Of course,
this approach has a backup contingency plan: if the single design is disapproved
it’s dumped, and not defended. We take it that we were unable to ‘read’ the
the identity, and what it stands for. And start from scratch. But it’s another fresh start.
When I started this company, alMohtaraf around three decades ago, I presented myself
with one logo and approved it. It’s the same flower that appears on our most recent version, but the petals were CMYK !

Here it is, and some other such successes too.




Jubeil & Yanbu the two vast industrial cities of Saudi Arabia host the majority of non-oil directly related industries in the country
celebrate the 40th anniversary of the creation of the managing institute: The Royal Commission of Jubeil & Yanbu.

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