kameel Hawa | From Beirut to Berlin
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From Beirut to Berlin

From Beirut to Berlin is a tribute in Arabic typography to the Bauhaus on the occasion of its centennial


One hundred years ago, a group of artists and designers collaborated to create the Bauhaus, a pioneering institute that married art and design, driving both into the domain of daily life. Be it in construction, furniture or tableware, design became an intellectual necessity. A facade, a window, a chair, a pot or even a spoon, became a bearer of a vision, of a message, of a spirituality. The Bauhaus came to be a dynamic movement created by the collective passion of artists/designers with a definite purpose of giving art a widespread social manifestation.

This tribute to the Bauhaus is a celebration of the collective collaboration in art, with a purpose. It is also my faithful dream in Beirut as the regional capital of art and design.

For decades Beirut has graciously hosted artistic and design trends, intellectuals and thinkers. Like Berlin it has survived physical destruction and torment. It is time we collaborate to create the Beirut Bauhaus, a need for our region that only Beirut can host.


Kameel Hawa

Beirut, 26.12.2019


→ This neon sculpture was ready to participate-with a set of other works-in an art exhibit, towards the end of October in downtown Beirut, when a few days earlier we witnessed the nationwide uprising.

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