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Kameel Hawa is a creative mogul that has been shaping and influencing the design scene in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

Through AlMohtaraf Design House, Kameel has significantly
contributed to media by the creation of magazine concepts master
maquettes with powerful editorial and design cohesiveness. This
trend-setting approach was started in Beirut with Althaqafa
Alarabiyah and the cultural weekly Almosbah, then reached a peak
in Saudi Arabia with four magazines, including the highly-reputed
AlQafila of Aramco, which was created and editorially directed by
AlMohtaraf Design House for many years, as well as Terhal, the
monthly magazine of Saudi tourism.


Of late, AlMohtaraf has pioneered a significant contribution in book
publishing, through producing two unprecedented volumes on Saudi
contemporary art life; namely Young Saudi Lenses, and Saudi Artists


Kameel and AlMohtaraf have won various awards in design,
including the New York Type Designers Club award, for Midan, the
font he invented and which is managed by Linotype.

Kameel Hawa

Immersed in the Arts and design, Kameel’s paintings have been
exhibited in Beirut, Jeddah, Cairo and Kuwait. And his work has
appeared in five books, three of which cover his sketches, watercolors
and oils, while the other two cover his WordArt work, and a collection
of articles on everyday life. Both books have won design prizes.


Kameel Hawa‘s masterstroke is founding and building from the
ground up AlMohtaraf Design House and managing its four offices
in Jeddah, Riyadh, Alkhobar and Beirut for over three decades.


AlMohtaraf Design House provides a range of creative services,
from corporate branding, creating original Arabic fonts and editorially
directing renowned publications, and due to AlMohtaraf ‘s highlyversatile
role, and the quality of the services it offers to its clients, it
has gained an ever-greater reputation of design leadership as both a
pan-Arab design house, and a major modernizing creative force in the