kameel Hawa | Friends and Acquaintances
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Friends and Acquaintances

In March 2007, Al Mohtaraf Director Kameel Hawa held an exhibition at City Café, Beirut, one of the most enduring cafés in the heart of Beirut. The exhibition showcased the artist’s earliest black and white sketches to most recent, enlarged and printed to 40 x 60cm. The sketches are of family, dear friends and acquaintances that have both influenced and made a mark in the artist’s life. When the pencil ends a drawing journey, a complete creative movement is achieved. The resulting sketch represents the subject in such a profound manner that it is in no need for any addition to successfully express it in form or spirit. If the sketch is intended to turn into a painting, this ‘diabolic’ simple line, with its twists and turns, carries within it the secret codes for the ensuing tones and colours. It is almost near impossible for a painting achieve the high degree of expression without the spontaneous and powerful demarcations of the simple line. In conjunction with the exhibit an A6 catalogue containing Hawa’s sketches were` on sale.
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